Saturday, June 27, 2015

5 things to remember when goal setting

We all know that one of the keys to achieving ones goals is to write them down - but when asking a typical crowd whether they have written down their goals for the current year - very few put up their hands!

Goal setting process starts with writing down your goal, bringing it into action, constant reviewing and achieving.

1.  Focus  on a few goals that you can repeat almost from memory. Not more than a list of 5-7 goals

2. Keep them SMaRT - specific, measurable, actionable , realistic and time bound 

3. Write it down - as soon as you do it - you are stating your intention and your Bahrain goes into "making that goal happen mode"

4. Review your goals  frequently– This is what turns them into reality. Every time you review your goals, your brain automatically asks , “What’s the next step I need to take to move toward this goal”. 

5. Share them– share your goal with few selected people like your Children , your Parents, Your Mentor, your MasterMind Group or Close Friends. These people will be helping you in achieving your goal.

There are a few great tools / apps that help you do this:-

- update Zen
- OmniFocus
- 10x mastermind groups

Monday, June 15, 2015

Some things an entrepreneur would have loved to have known

2. Before going into business I wish I knew the importance of having an established “Advisory Board”.  Having a mentor is one thing but having a counsel of people who are not only experts in various business related functions but are also cheerleaders and coaches for your success is another. – Kellie L. Posey

4. The one thing that I wish I knew before starting a business was how much time you spend learning – it is constant – from self development, to business basics, to social media, – talk about wearing many hats! Oh my and thought motherhood was challenging. I love to learn new things but had no idea it was going to be like this. You have to learn how to act, how to present, how to close, how to keep in contact, how to prospect, and how to keep customers! – 

5. Focus on yourself as much as your product/service. The recipe is only as good as the Chef preparing the dish. – Mujteba H. Naqvi

29. Several years after starting my business I learned that the best source of advice and peer support are fellow entrepreneurs, especially those who have attained the level of business success to which I aspire. – Charles E. McCabe

70. Get a coach – someone who can walk you through the jungle to get you to the gold. Why bother flying blind, when others have blazed the trail before you? Starting a business without a coach is like getting in the car and driving. Sure you can move–and fast–but using a map is so much smarter than not. – Richard J. Atkins

59. I wish that early on I had sought out more business leaders in my field. It wasn’t until I was a bit older that I realized the value of the knowledge to be learned from veteran industry players and how it could help me grow my business. – Jim Janosik

82. What I wish I knew before I started a business was a really great business advisor! Most of us go into a business with a big heart for the product and lots of excitement. Few of us really know how to run a business. –Kelley Small

Benefits of Coaching Club

Before going into business I wish I knew the importance of having an established “Advisory Board”.  Having a mentor is one thing but having a counsel of people who are not only experts in various business related functions but are also cheerleaders and coaches for your success is another. – Kellie L. Posey

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Edge: Gaining the Unfair Advantage & Increased Profits

Ever wondered why some businesses flourish – in fact, it seems they can do no wrong – and yet others struggle?  Consider the answer is:

“The Edge”.  And here’s your chance to bring that edge to your business and your profits immediately…

Join us  for this hard hitting 3 hour event titled: “The Edge: Gaining the Unfair Advantage & Increased Profits”, you will learn specific tools that will empower you to achieve the things you’re dreaming of for in 2015, so that you are 100% set for success.
The event will be presented by Terry Kew, a successful entrepreneur in his own right and has been helping others grow their businesses for the last 20 Years.  Better yet, he is an expert in profit improvement with an impressive track record.
Terry will take you through some of the best kept secrets of success that they have acquired by studying and working with elite individuals and businesses around the world.
But be warned! This event is NOT for people who want to sit passively and wait for success to come to them – that’s why we are putting this special invitation out to you and your colleagues.

Here’s some of what you’ll discover …
‘The Edge: Gaining the Unfair Advantage & Increased Profits’.
As you drive home in your car after this event you will clearly understand:
  • How to thrive not just survive in your business
  • How to create lasting change
  • How to massively grow your clients and keep them for life
  • How to create raving fans for your business
  • The focus of all great business systems
  • What nurturing has to do with marketing excellence
  • How to build trust with clients and potential clients
  •  How to use communication leverage to do more with less
  • How to gain a competitive advantage
 And you will have identified …
  • How to wake up the leader inside you
  • 3 tools used by the super succesful to achieve more in less time
  • A specific Action Plan for you to move forward faster
  • The keys to dramatically enhancing your life and workstyle
  • The 7 characteristics you can apply to have more time and money
The event runs from 5:30pm – 8:30pm  at the Referron Meeting Room,  and you will receive a comprehensive workbook and refreshments at the event.
My recommendation?  Do not miss out, we only have a few seats left.

Click here to book: -

How to Gain an Unfair Advantage in your Accounting Practice

Our 10X Coaches are looking to partner with a select group of accountants who will be given access to this enormous range of Business Tools that is part of the 10X IP.

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