Monday, January 12, 2015

7 Steps to Magic Marketing

Take the mystery out of your marketing and increase your leads, then sales and profits … dramatically.
For most business owners, at best, marketing is a mystery and at worst an annoying line in their Profit & Loss that never seems quite justified.
But marketing is much more than any of that … In fact, marketing is YOUR ANSWER to:
● increasing the number of leads coming into your business
● increasing the quality of the leads coming into your business
● increasing your sales and your gross revenue per annum
● growing your profits, the dollars into your own back pocket for you and your family
● improving and differentiating your brand so your prospects come banging on your door verses one of your competitors.
This list could go on and on. Marketing is literally the ‘be all and end all’ to how to build and develop the strongest, most profitable, most enjoyable business possible for anyone committed to success.
… But there’s an IF …
Marketing is all this, IF and only if you ‘know how’.
In fact, without that ‘know how’ – you may have already blown good money after bad wasting time and effort on hiring marketing “consultants” or “business development people”, who failed to produce any of these results.
In the last 5 or so years as I’ve worked with business owners, I’ve seen one thing over and over again.
You’re typically great at what your business does …
Not so great at marketing.
As such, you are missing opportunities left and right for leads, sales and increased revenue, and profits, even quality of life!
If you’re like most business owners, that’s only because you’ve simply never been taught that all-important marketing ‘know how’.
That’s why we’ve decided to change all that over a 2 hour, solid, “how to”, information packed Workshop – a Workshop that finally gives you and your team that all important knowledge that unlocks the keys to winning marketing. Tickets are valued at $189.00, yours complimentary if you are the owner of a business with 5 + staff, generating over $500K pa in gross revenue.
Benefit from the “7 Steps to Magic Marketing!” Workshop’ …
You’re invited to benefit from your own ‘7 Steps to Magic Marketing Workshop’. At this event, held on site at your business as a private, highly personalized, VIP session you will discover the how to’s of marketing once and for all.
Please be thoroughly clear: this is not a “chat fest” this is a WORK-SHOP - you and any staff who attend will be working on - by that I mean actually brainstorming and creating various branding, strategy and marketing materials over our time together - as well as learning new insights into key marketing concepts and other ‘how to’s’.
7 Steps to Magic Marketing Workshop - The Keys to Your Growth

During this Workshop we’ll work through many topics, here’s just a few that will translate to much better marketing results:
● The 4 X-factors of healthy growth
● The ‘Growth Equation’ – why your numbers are key, including the statistics critical to planning your success before you market
● The small business advantage & the small business dilemma – plus, what to do about it!
● What’s your marketing mindset? And, why that matters.
● Your marketing attraction strategy
● THE 7 steps to magic marketing
● 3 Key marketing outcomes
● The Top 7 marketing mistakes
● Understanding a customer’s buying formula
● Critical touch points
● What’s your USP?
THE Marketing MUST
● Communication Leverage – get more results from less!
● Your ‘MAP’: Marketing Activity Plan - activity is the KEY!
Consider the power of you learning this ‘know how’ for yourself…
Don’t worry - you don’t need to be the “creative type”.
For a lot of business owners, marketing seems so foreign because it’s outside their normal scope. Not to worry, you don’t need to be the creative type to benefit from this unique Workshop (in fact, we’ve done a lot of that work for you so you can move quickly and easily to implement these ideas and benefit.)
Remember too: just as you’ve spent years honing your skills at what you do, we’ve done the same in helping people unlock the keys to how to grow their businesses, just as we’ll do during this Workshop with you.
You’ll need to act quickly.
We’ve condensed what’s required to improve your marketing dramatically into just a 2 hour Lunch and Learn. You will have all the answers you need to years of successful marketing and most importantly – business growth in leads, sales and profits. Available bookings are limited – please do act quickly by clicking on the link to book.
Thanks in advance and we look forward hopefully to working more closely with you shortly to grow your leads, your sales and your business.!
Warm regards,
Ivan Ang
10X Business Coach

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Edge: Gaining the Unfair Advantage & Increased Profits

Ever wondered why some businesses flourish – in fact, it seems they can do no wrong – and yet others struggle?  Consider the answer is:

“The Edge”.  And here’s your chance to bring that edge to your business and your profits immediately…

Join us  for this hard hitting 3 hour event titled: “The Edge: Gaining the Unfair Advantage & Increased Profits”, you will learn specific tools that will empower you to achieve the things you’re dreaming of for in 2015, so that you are 100% set for success.
The event will be presented by Terry Kew, a successful entrepreneur in his own right and has been helping others grow their businesses for the last 20 Years.  Better yet, he is an expert in profit improvement with an impressive track record.
Terry will take you through some of the best kept secrets of success that they have acquired by studying and working with elite individuals and businesses around the world.
But be warned! This event is NOT for people who want to sit passively and wait for success to come to them – that’s why we are putting this special invitation out to you and your colleagues. 

Here’s some of what you’ll discover …
‘The Edge: Gaining the Unfair Advantage & Increased Profits’.
As you drive home in your car after this event you will clearly understand:
  • How to thrive not just survive in your business
  • How to create lasting change
  • How to massively grow your clients and keep them for life
  • How to create raving fans for your business
  • The focus of all great business systems
  • What nurturing has to do with marketing excellence
  • How to build trust with clients and potential clients
  •  How to use communication leverage to do more with less
  • How to gain a competitive advantage
 And you will have identified …
  • How to wake up the leader inside you
  • 3 tools used by the super succesful to achieve more in less time
  • A specific Action Plan for you to move forward faster
  • The keys to dramatically enhancing your life and workstyle
  • The 7 characteristics you can apply to have more time and money
The event runs from 5:30pm – 8:30pm  at the Referron Meeting Room,  and you will receive a comprehensive workbook and refreshments at the event.
My recommendation?  Do not miss out, we only have a few seats left.

Click here to book: -