Saturday, July 30, 2016

Dr Jeff Spencer - lead 8 tour de france wins - answers 3 questions

1. Agreement is name of the game - thats the secret password. How to achieve this! 

  • how do you get common agreement of a team? 
  • how can you get cohesion of group through mutual collaboration and commitment. 
  • once you get the team to realise that the whole is greater than sum of the parts;  
  • when you get all in agreement to build the group  and holding nothing back - 
  • what you stand to gain vs not letting go of the secret that you think is a point of difference. 

2. How do you inspire someone on a losing streak?

  • one step at a time
  • no magic answers - defer back to basic principles and implement those
  • your best work is still to come - dig deeper 
  • get right coach / mentor 
  • as things go south - shit happens 
  • no acts of desperation - los vegas syndrome!! dont feel sense of urgency - ride the wave 
3, Inspire teams when goal is so far away?
  • how to stay compliant with process 
  • daily audit of plan - plan check
  • aspirations not driven by frustration - not too big a leap - take things sep by step, 
  • plan, pacing and facts - look at schedule - \
  • efforts to recovery well proportion - dont jump too far ahead - interspace efforts with recovery 
  • proper nutritient, recreation, fellowship 
  4. Should You Get Tough with your coaching 
  • time is of the essence 
  • responsibility and taking responsibiluty is name of game 
  • lay out the path and model so they know where they are and where they are headed and give them empowerment to give job done. 
  • show them how to take responsibility 
  • they need right support - but they need to take responsibility 
5. Why do more for others than you do for yourself?
  • do for others what you cant do for yourself
  • need to be part of a tribe
  • more we give the morre we receive 
  • choice about what we are to gain vs what you can lose
  • unwavering confidence in process 
  • nothing better than assisting person giving wisdom, knowledge and suppot  to achieve greatness 
6. How do champions overcome anxiety and how should they perform? 

  • are our choices made from fear or anxiousness or apply strategy and tactc
  • make that tactic by overcoming fear response 
  • dont worry about tring to cover all bases.
  • do things step by step
  • make sure you practice practice practice - so you do things on automatic pilot 

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